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(Adapted from Moslem World League Journal)

The extremely a good achievements realized by the moslems in America during the past ten years can be summed up in two main points projection of their distinct identity in the American societyand completerealization of the role of they play in America. This was stated by Dr, Maher Hathut, spokseman of the Islamic centre in southern California, in an interview published by the Islamic magazine Manar in California.
Elaborating in two points, Hathut said during the preceding decade the moslems were concerned with protecting their mosques and  centre to enable them selves to carry out their duties. But after 1980 and onward they began to feel the need of ridding themselves from a sense of weakness and start taking active parts in activities designed for social development. They started taking bold steps to spread message of Islam among the American people by presenting the true ideology of Islam for betterment of all mankind.
Speaking about the causes that delayed the emergence of the moslem identity, Hathut said the differences in languages and backgrounds of moslem immigrants were among main factors that hindered development of community sense in America. But the moslems soon realized that Islamic religion was univefrsal and stood for common good of all men and woman without regard to sectarianism, communality, and nationality. The bond of Islamic brotherhood helped them shake off racialism and work for building and ideal society in America and elsewhere, he asserted.
Describing racialism as a factor alien to Islam, Hathut said the moslems olanned to work for the unification of the moslems rank and file during the nineties.
As regard the efforts being made by the moslems improving their lot, Hathut said Islamic organization were engaged in continuing discussion on ways and means for their religious, economic and social development in the American society. A comity has already been set up for political affairs. It would serve for vehicle for making contracts with existing political parties and organizations in America.
Twelve moslems took part in the conference held by the Democratic party for nominating democratic candidate to American precidency. The 12 members of moslems delegation forcefully precented its standpoint on various national issues, he said. The moslems’ general affairs committee was transformed into a political affairs committee with the aim of making contact with the democrats’ presidential candidate Jesse Jackson. The committee also made useful contacts with incumbent president George Bush, Hathut said.

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